Monday, 29 February 2016

Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

To be frankly honest, I had no real intention to watch this movie. Simply because it seemed like a standard, brainless, Hollywood remake of a movie that not many people even remember. What tipped the barrel for me was everyone absolutely raving about this movie. Even my favourite podcasters “/film” all put it as their top film of the year. I must say I was very disappointed.

I went in with somewhat high hopes. I knew the story wouldn’t be great but the action sequences were meant to the very well done. Particularly the combination of visual and special effects used in the movie.

The film was well shot and the acting was faultless, although Tom Hardy who played Max Rockatasky could have had more of a personality. Perhaps that was more of a script issue than an acting issue. Talking about script issues, I felt like it lacked one. It seemed that the movie was completely created using storyboards and then dialogue was just put in while filming.  There simply wasn’t much of a story, which alone made it very difficult to watch for me.

I know I’m being very harsh on this film and I know I am in the minority that feels this way but this is just a personal opinion of mines. I think if the movie wasn’t so highly praised by people then I wouldn’t maybe this critical.

To highlight some of the positives, the visuals of this movie were very nice. Possibly a little too much orange but then again it were designed to show a post-apocalyptic world. The special and visual effects were done very well; they were blended seamlessly apart from scenes that were mostly CGI, those scenes stood out like a sore thumb.



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