Monday, 14 March 2016

Movie Review: Zootopia(2016)

Once or twice a year a movie comes out aimed at children that have enough depth to where an adult can easily enjoy it. Zootropolis, is one of those films.

Its always a tad awkward sitting in the cinema screening where the majority of the audience are young but I had to give this film a chance, at least to be able to give my two cents. To my surprise this movie had a very adult theme. What I find particularly fascinating is that Disney has began making the quality of films that Pixar were making a few years ago. This films was visually beautiful, funny and full of heart.

Would kids get all the jokes? Of course not. Would adults find all the jokes funny? Probably not. However, a well-written film like this is able to entertain both groups of people.

If you have any doubts regarding this movie, I would urge every one of you to give this movie a change. Especially if you have a young person in the family.

4/5 Stars


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