Thursday, 17 March 2016

TV Review: Breaking Bad (2008–2013)

Many love Breaking Bad so I know many people wont agree with my view on this show.

To begin with, I by no means thought Breaking Bad was a bad show. I simply felt like Breaking Bad was messy at times. What I mean by this statement is that, the story, performances and the direction was done perfectly well. Where I had an issue with show was that it felt like this show veered of the main story arch too many times. When we focused on the character of Walter White, it was fascinating and engaging but as soon as we cut to another character and followed them around, it felt too mundane.

I think that Breaking Bad would have heavily benefited from having fewer episodes. I know for a fact that many would disagree with me but I felt this show definitely required tightening up.

Apart from the pacing of the show, it was decently well made. This being said, I still struggle to comprehend why Breaking Bad developed such a cult following as it did.  I really resented the Skyler White, she was always nagging and just in a sour mood. This made a slow paced show like Breaking Bad even more tiresome and to be perfectly honest I could not care less about her subplot. Talking about subplots, this show seemed to love using them. All I really had an interest for was for the Walter White character and the development of his character.

Overall Breaking Bad is overrated show.

2.5/5 Starrs


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