Friday, 11 March 2016

Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation (2015)

Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation directed by Christopher McQuarriei is the fifth instalment in the mission impossible series and maybe the best in the series.                                                                                              

The last MI film exceeded my expectations mainly because I went into the film expecting it to be another low tier action movie film. I ended up having a great time watching the film. It was funny, with great action sequences and an interesting storyline. Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner were a great addition to the franchise and fortunately we get to see more this time round. Surprisingly Simon Pegg has almost equal screen-space as Tom Cruise. This is very interesting to see because MI films were always Tom Cruise heavy film.

The story was well written and executed. Even though Spectre had a similar storyline, MI5 managed produce a far better film. As well known in the MI franchise the fistfights, car and motorcycle chases were very well done. What particularly appreciated was the sequence that marketing team seemed to have heavily promoted (where Tom Cruise is hanging on to the outside of a plane) was shown at the start of the film. I was worried that this was climax sequence and we would as the viewer be made to wait for the whole film for that action sequence. By placing that scene at the start of the film, it allowed the film feel far more unexpected and unlike many other films of this kind; the pre credit roll action sequence wasn’t the highlight of the film.

Tom Cruise, even at the age of 53 gives a surprisingly action filled performance. It literally feels like that man does not age. Unlike many actors in his age range, he did not step back and let a younger actor perform the action sequences.

Overall, I believe that this is a very fun and enjoyable film to watch. As long its not taken too seriously that is.

4/5 Stars


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